Our Story


ur company, “Clínica de Urgencias P. Z. Sociedad Anónima”, was born with the goal of satisfying a need in the Southern Region, given the overload in health services due to the demographic growth and health policies in recent years.

The Southern Region did NOT have an alternative to the emergency services provided by social security in regards to high-quality prompt urgent and non-urgent medical care. Therefore, we had the idea of implementing a private medical urgency clinic.

It is worth mentioning that the overall project featured a prior viability study, conducted with a statistically significant sample, which consolidated our success.

We opened our doors for the first time on the southern side of 12 de Marzo School on February 9th, 2005 and from that moment, the people from Brunca Region have been enjoying from an alternative that fulfills their needs and expectations.

Because we were one of the first companies to venture in these types of services in the Southern Region, we pride in being the most experienced business in medical emergency services in the whole region.

The name of the clinic, CLINICA DE URGENCIAS P. Z., is a patented and registered name, which consolidates us as a serious and responsible business, which provides a trustworthy environment for our clients.

On our third anniversary, we envisioned a larger urgency clinic, with more problem-solving capacities, technology, and a better location, as gift to our clients who supported us unconditionally from the start.

As a result, in March of 2008, the construction project for the new clinic starts, reaching completion 18 months later, and fulfilling all the current requirements requested by Secretaria Técnica Ambiental, Ministerio de Salud, Municipalidad, and other organizations.

Starting Monday August 31st, 2009, we moved to our new state-of-the-art premises, located 200 meters south of Estadio Municipal de Pérez Zeledón, across the international highway Costanera Sur.

Our premise is a health mall concept, where clients can enjoy from a variety of services in the same place, so they don’t have to travel.

We have the appropriate requirements and all the permissions current requested by Ministerio de Salud. We have been recognized with the highest existing rating in around-the-clock health services, A-001 class.

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